Soldex Incorpoates AI To Make Trading Crypto Easy For All

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are generally used to buy and track cryptocurrency.  For a novice, navigating around a dex can be intimidating and not at all intuitive.  Plus the fact that when dealing with one’s hard-earned money, due diligence and caution is definitely advised.  

However, Soldex is one platform attempting to make the trading of crypto more accessible and straightforward with the use of artificial intelligence. Currently, new users must learn about markets and the assets they want to trade, which adds to the barriers of getting started.  Soldex, is eliminating these barriers by giving traders the capabilities to use AI-powered trading algorithms developed by users.  Evening more important, the concept behind Soldex’s platform is that it will be ownerless and driven by the community.

Beyond its AI trading capabilities, Soldex offers many additional features over other DEXs. Since it is natively built on the Solana blockchain, it resolves many of the infrastructure issues apparent in older systems. It is relatively quick and inexpensive to use compared to anything built on Ethereum (ETH). 

With the mission of keeping pace with the ever-evolving crypto market, the team at Soldex shares, on their platform, “you can experience real-time transactions, conveniently deposit using your exchange wallets and make light-speed swaps. It also allows investors to participate in community governance and incentivized liquidity. The latter means that users can lock their funds for a certain period of time and earn interest on the investment.”

Leveraging artificial intelligence 

According to the team at Soldex, in general, trading financial assets is a complicated task filled with mixed emotions from people. Unfortunately, emotional trading is one of the biggest mistakes people make. To remove the possibility for emotions to influence trading, artificial intelligence can eliminate the feelings and sentiments of real people and make tough decisions as they arise. 

The objective of Soldex is to use a neural network algorithm to work on all market conditions. The algorithm will be able to analyze data about the market, make predictions about risks and buy and sell assets on the user’s behalf. As an automated trading suite, it will gather expert data and continue to develop its learning capabilities. 

Furthermore, the Soldex platform is also completely permissionless, so anyone, regardless of location, can provide liquidity, trade or begin staking without a Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement. 

Future plans for Soldex according to their roadmap include:

  •  SOLX listed on major exchanges
  • Future collaborations with the Solana foundation 
  • Global academy AI course on Solana and Defi


The platform is in the process of conducting a private sale for 30% of its tokens, which is open to retail and VC investors. SOLX will later become publicly available to users, giving them access to governance rights, feed AI bots and staked. So far, the Soldex community has grown to include over 14k+ members.

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