CryptoPunk #7557 recently sold for 4.444 ETH ($19,400), just a fraction the true value and 95% below the floor price on, the popular NFT marketplace.  

What is even more significant about this particular CryptoPunk is its rarity, being only one of 55 CryptoPunks in the collection with a tiara and according to Larva Labs, the project creator, the lowest price for a Punk with a Tiara is 350 ETH, which translates into $1.5 Million!




The big question is, how did this happen? Well, all indications are it may have been one HUGE mistake using a (.) dot instead of a (,) comma.  Looking at the listing history, it appears the previous owner at one point listed the Punk for 8,888 ETH or $31 Million at the then price of ETH. However, possibly in an attempt to lower the price to 4,444 ETH ($19 Million), or half-price, but inadvertently listed it for 4.444 ETH.  Big Mistake!  Someone lucky and quick on the draw didn’t hesitate to it up.  To ensure the sale would go through the buyer used a bot to send 3.33 ETH priority fee directly to the miners to ensure the sale would go through. 

The new owner has since re-listed the CryptoPunk for 235 ETH ($1.4 Million). The moral of the story is … be very careful when listing your NFT for sale.  

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