NFTrade Launches Cross-Chain NFT Platform

NFTrade promotes itself as the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform with the capability to aggregate all NFT marketplaces as well as host the complete NFT lifecycle. This will allow anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage NFTs across different blockchains.  Early supports of the platform include…DAO Maker, Sfermion, PolkaFoundary, Solana, Poolz, Polygon, Zokyo, Avalanche.

NFT Trade Features

Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain NFT Exchange
The implementation of multi-chain and cross-chain accessibility within the NFT marketplace will take the asset class to new levels, finally allowing for fluid movement of NFTs regardless of their native network. Not only will any singular NFT be accessible on any chain, but users will also be able to buy, sell, and transact with their NFTs directly cross-chain. Whether the NFT is on Ethereum, Flow, BSC, or any other network, users will be able to easily swap across chains with the click of a button.
Multi-Chain NFT Creation
Similar to the feature above, this multi-chain feature will allow users to mint NFTs on any compatible network using the NFTrade platform. No longer will users have to pick and choose which network features are best for the NFT creation, as they will have all the available options in front of them in a single place.
Escrowed Peer-to-Peer Trading
One of the most exciting implementations that has the potential to unlock a lot of value within the market is the introduction of escrowed peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of NFTs. P2P trading means that users will be able to trade directly with each other, without the need of an intermediary, using smart contracts to guarantee that both parties are satisfied with the transaction.
When looking at the NFT gaming landscape, the value that NFT swaps can bring forth speaks for itself. For example, one of the most popular NFT-based currently available, Alien Worlds, has had over 1,670,000 unique wallet addresses interact with the game in the last month alone, with over 200 million in-game transactions. With every asset in the Alien Worlds’ metaverse represented as an NFT, these millions of active players need a simple-to-use platform that will allow them to trade with one another, just like in the mechanics of almost every multiplayer game available.
Staking and NFT Farming
Many platforms and applications have been able to bring additional value to token holders of idle tokens by allowing them to stake the tokens for a guaranteed APY or reward. We are taking this concept and applying it to NFTs, allowing users to easily turn their idle holdings into assets that generate additional value. Any project can choose to have users stake tokens on NFTrade to receive NFT rewards, with the rewards varying from rare gaming NFT characters or items, early beta access to new applications, application discounts, and more.
NFT Launchpad
Launchpads represent an ideal way for a new project to raise funds, as they can fairly distribute their native tokens while also building an organic community of supporters and evangelists. As the NFT market continues to mature, many new projects are working to develop network, asset, and infrastructure support, and through our soon-to-come launchpad, these NFT projects will be able to raise funds from a community of NFT users, supporters, and collectors. An NFT creation hub and marketplace represents an ideal location for an NFT launchpad; the audience is already established and interested in the products that these new projects will be supplementing.
Buy, Sell, and Trade NFTs with Fiat Currency
Traditional finance still commands the bulwark of purchasing power when compared to cryptocurrencies, and with the introduction of fiat currency usability with NFTs, we will create a new pathway to ownership for many users previously left out. NFTs offer many aspects not seen within standard cryptocurrencies, attracting interested crowds that otherwise may not get involved in the blockchain market. By making fiat currencies accessible within NFT exchanging, users of all types will have more interaction options.
Social Features
We’re putting the fun back into non-fungible tokens. With the growth of NFT collectors and users, we will offer a collective space where anyone can share their NFT experience and thoughts, interact with other users and collectors, create stories and dialogues, and most importantly, show off your NFTs to the world.

NFTrade Roadmap

MVP Launch – Q2 (complete): Unlike many projects, which raise money without releasing an actual usable product, our mainnet will launch before our token generation event, allowing users to utilize our platform first-hand. Initially, we will launch on Ethereum before branching to other networks, allowing users to easily conduct peer-to-peer swaps, as well as buy, sell, trade, and create NFTs.
Multi-Chain Support – Q2 (complete): We support various relevant blockchain networks within our NFT marketplace and platform, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. With multi-chain support and accessibility, it’s never been easier to take care of all of your NFT related needs in a single place.
NFT Launchpad – Q3: Projects, creators, artists, and more can launch and auction new NFTs to a multi-chain community of users.
Additional Blockchain Support – Q3: We are working to integrate multiple networks as soon as possible, with networks such as Wax, Flow, Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot and others directly into our platform. We plan to offer a variety of multi-chain access well before the end of the year.
Cross-Chain Capabilities – Q4: Another crucial factor that should lead to increased mainstream success is interoperability. We will be implementing features that make cross-chain NFT trading as simple as a few button clicks.
Social features – Q4: In order to promote community building, we will be introducing social features that allow users to share their NFTs, show them off, and interact directly with fellow collectors and creators using the NFTrade platform.
Credit Card Integration – Q1 2022: We understand the importance of cryptocurrency integration and usage, but we do not want to leave out potential users who prefer to operate with fiat currency. In Q4 or before, we will introduce credit card integration, offering a seamless process to purchase NFTs across multiple networks.
Utility Token Integration – Q1 2022: As a platform moving towards decentralized governance and user control, access our utility token features such as platform governance, a discount on transaction fees, and staking.

Realtime statistics of NFTrade can be found on Dappradar and/or for more general information on the platform visit NFTrade here

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