Designer Cole Buxton is using NFT as a way to reward his most loyal customers as well as give back by donating resale proceeds to charity. 

This founding NFT collection by Cole Buxton is made up of over 100 completely unique hand-drawn pieces, created from the original concepts of his designs. The collection offers an overview of the brand, and a chance to reminisce on their journey.  Designs included extend from their earliest seasons to their most recent styles and chart our progress through the years.


Each NFT will be given away for free to the brands most loyal and dedicated customers. Furthermore, any royalties / profits obtained by Cole Buxton from resale will be sent directly to the soon-to-be launched Cole Buxton Charity Foundation, which will focus on supporting and giving back to communities and causes to be determined. 

Original owners will receive a physical print of their Cole Buxton NFT, which will include instructions on how to claim the digital piece. From there, holders can decide if they wish to keep piece for future rewards, or trade/sell it to another customer who may have missed out on Collection #1’s original drop.

Overtime, the collection will hold internal value to the brand (utility), and evolve into future projects and physical products that are already in development. One example of this is in how the brand is planning to produce items of clothing that will be available exclusively for holders of specific NFT’s.  We will be keeping an eye on this project, following it’s progress and letting you know how it is going and what is to come.  However to check out the Cole Buxton roadmap for yourself check it out below…

Cole Buxton NFT Roadmap

  • 1. Customers (& VIP’s) are selected for the Cole Buxton NFT Collection 1.
  • 2. Recipients will be posted a physical print with claiming instructions.
  • 3. NFT’s can be claimed for free via the website form @ Recipients have 14 days to claim their NFT.
  • 4. Further NFT’s will be sent out with selected black Friday orders.
  • 5 .All royalties / profits from re-sales will go to the Cole Buxton Charity Foundation with upcoming updates on the development of this project.
  • 6. Exclusive rewards for NFT holders
  • 7. Further uses and utility of NFT’s to be announced.

Those who are eligible to claim an NFT will be contacted via email. You can find out more via the live NFT pages at Cole Buxton and OpenSea.


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