Entertainment Mogul Ice Cube's NFT Drop Sells Out In Less Than 24 Hours

Actor, iconic rapper, entertainment mogul and BIG3 founder Ice Cube announced that his exclusive first-ever NFT drop, Man VS Machine has closed with every edition selling out in less than 24 hours. The partnership between Ice Cure, acclaimed artist Trevor Jones and the NFT Marketplace Nifty Gateway, was one of the most successful drops in the platform’s history and grossed more than $1.6 Million. Stats for the sales included

  • The 12 Gold Edition NFT’s ($15,000 each) garnered more than 400 entries per edition
  • The 40 Silver Edition NFT’s ($5,000 each) garnered more than 1000 entries per edition
  • The 100 Bronze Edition NFT’s ($2,000 each) garnered more than 2000 entries per edition
  • The Open Editions, available solely to holders of Trevor’s previous artwork, sold more than 12,000 editions

“This drop has been an overwhelming success,” said Ice Cube. “The incredible demand and appreciation of these pieces just validates that waiting and producing something that is an accessibly priced true work of art was the right choice. In a market that is so overly saturated by celebrities using NFT’s as just another way to profit off of their fame, I am proud to have contributed meaningfully to the NFT community alongside Trevor.”

“I have never been prouder of the artwork created for a drop as I am with Man VS Machine,” said Trevor Jones. “I was blown away by the level of demand, which hasn’t been seen since the height of the NFT craze. It was such a privilege to work with Ice Cube and to be involved in this creative process that developed over the better part of a year. I’m certain this will forever be seen as an epic collaboration and one of the most important NFT drops of 2021.”


Winners of each of the four 1/1 NFT auctions with physical painting will also receive a 15 minute video call with both Ice Cube and Trevor Jones.

All purchasers will be eligible to win four (4) signed, limited edition prints of the Ice Cube paintings and two (2) Bitcoin Angel open edition NFT’s. Winners will be picked by Ice Cube following the completion of Man vs Machine.

The NFT’s from Man vs Machine will continue to live on the Nifty Gateway platform and individual owners can be approached for resale. The editions in the secondary market have already appreciated by four- or five-fold and sold an additional $1 Million.

To learn more check out TrevorJonesArt.com.

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