Hungry Wolves NFT Collection Launched by Software Veteran

The Hungry Wolves NFT Project is the brainchild of Adam Hollander,  a serial entrepreneur who in 2011 he founded FantasySalesTeam, a gamification platform which encouraged employee motivation through interactive competition. That company was acquired by Microsoft in 2015 and fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After spending two years with Microsoft as their Director of Gamification, Adam joined a medical education startup, OnlineMedEd, in 2017 as their COO and fourth employee. Adam spent 4.5 years with the company which now boasts more than 350,000 monthly users and recently completed a $25 million fundraise.

With a background in gaming, it’s no wonder the fast-rising NFT market caught Adam’s attention. NFTs have been taking the art and collectables world by storm with billions of dollars in sales and certain high-end collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. High profile celebrities like Jimmy FallonSteph Curry and Post Malone now sport NFTs worth 6-figures as their profile pictures on social media. Snoop Dogg recently sold NFTs which provide 1,000 holders VIP access to his virtual mansion in the metaverse. Beeple’s latest NFT artwork sold last week for $29 million at auction. The list goes on and on.

“Until recently, you could copy a digital asset, like a picture, an unlimited number of times and each would be identical. You could never prove which was the original. As a result, it was extremely hard to value digital art. With NFTs and the blockchain, all of that has changed. Now an artist or company can create a scarce number of digital assets and distribute them with infallible proof of ownership. This is game changing not just for art and collectables, but for other types of assets ranging from digital land to medical records.”

Of course with his gaming background of course, Adam know you have to be in it to win it, therefore, using his experience in game mechanics and motivation, Adam has launched a new NFT generative collection called Hungry Wolves.  Over 1,500 people joined the project’s Discord server on the first day.

Beyond bosting Pixar-like 3D rendered artwork, each of Adam’s NFT wolves represents entry into a competitive landscape with other holders. Each of the 10,000 owners will gain access to a gated website called The Wolf Den. Inside they’ll become eligible to join Wolfpacks with friends based on the visual generative traits of their wolf. Along with their packmates, users will then receive regular airdrops of completely separate Scrumptious Sheep NFTs. Inside The Wolf Den these can be eaten by the wolves in exchange for Dominance, which will earn holders and their packs rewards like new digital assets, access to merchandise and more.

“The bar is being consistently reset. A few months ago, you could create an NFT project with relatively low-quality artwork, a completely anonymous team, and it would sell out based purely on speculation,” said Adam. “That’s changing now. Projects are becoming more established and are being treated like companies raising investment with meaningful value expectations. I believe Hungry Wolves will raise that bar yet again by creating dynamic game engagement and competition.”

You can learn more about Hungry Wolves at The Priority Sale begins on December 5th and the Public Sale goes live on December 6th.


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