BLOCWARS New Gamified Platform Merges NFTS and Fashion

BLOCWARS is a trendy entertainment metaverse platform that merges fashion, social networking, and gaming, and aims to bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse. The platform distinguishes itself from its competitors  with the implementation of a LinkGate Protocol.

The LinkGate protocol allows for an interchain exchange of NFTs for metaverse players. Simply put, the protocol would grant players the possibility of changing their NFT’s wearable with several options for clothing and equipment combinations.  This can be considered something that is on the top of the wise list of blockchain gamers and enthusiasts. 

Another feature promoted by the BLOCWARS platform is the ability to provide brands with comprehensive, code-free metaverse construction, enabling them to swiftly make the transition to the metaverse.  Newcomers can access and make use of BLOCWARS’s infrastructure, tools, and construction services for a smooth conversion.   BLOCWARS says that it will also be bringing new businesses to the metaverse, with AR and VR shopping experiences that are set to become one of the main attractions for new users, in the near future. 

Player Benefits
According to BLOCWARS, one of the main its main benefits is the Sway-to-Earn feature with SocialFI, a virtual social fashion community.  The ideal is that players can gain social clout and social influence based on their avatar’s attire, as well as be able to be rewarded IPTK based on their social influence and clout within the game. 

Moreover, players will be able to take part in an NFTFi experience by staking their NFTs to earn even more NFTs and IPTK tokens and also contribute to liquidity pool mechanisms, which could bring later benefits to the game’s ecosystem.

In addition, players will also be able to use their NFT avatars to participate in various play-to-earn games both inside and outside of the BLOCWARS ecosystem, further increasing their gains.

To kick things off, UTC, the Binance NFT marketplace will list a 500-piece Mystery Box Collection titled Onimaru Bad Kid collection. This NFT collection is set to bring utility to the BLOCWARS platform as the main avatars of the BLOCWARS universe.

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