Showtime NFT Social Network Partners With Polygon Studios

Showtime users can now create and mint NFTs without paying any gas fees, thanks to Polygon

Polygon, an ethereum-based crypto currently recently announced that a partnership with the NFT based social media platform, Showtime (not to be mistaken with the broadcast television network).  Through this partnership, now anyone in the Showtime community will be able to create and mint NFTs for free.

Polygon has proved to be a great scaling solution for developers and work with some of today’s top blockchain-based Web 3.0 games and NFT projects, including Decentraland, Opensea, Sandbox, Somnium Space, Animoca, Decentral Games. Polygon’s ethereum scaling solutions also boast over 13.5 million unique users and have facilitated more than 350 million transactions.


Launched in March this year, Showtime has set its sights on becoming the ‘Instagram for NFTs’ with a vibrant community of digital artists and collectible enthusiasts embracing social networks from all over the world. The platform – which received $7.6 million in funds in April from crypto-investment firms Paradigm and DJ 3LAU – allows users to follow creators and collectors, browse personalized news feeds, discover trending NFTs, and engage with artists through like, comment, and share features.

Thanks to the Polygon PoS network partnership, Showtime users will be able to create NFTs that can be featured on popular NFT marketplaces, like Opensea, Foundation, and hicetnunc (HEN), where they can be bought and sold.

Users can easily create an NFT by signing a transaction with their crypto wallet (such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and others), then they can mint a unique copy of the NFT or multiple copies (up to 10,000), without paying any gas fees.

Alex Masmej, Co-Founder and CEO of Showtime, and the man known for tokenizing himself said: “We’re bringing together two of the most transformative innovations of our times – social media and NFTs. Now, with the power of Polygon, we’re reimagining the economics of content creation and distribution. This will play a significant role in opening up the NFT marketplace to more creators and collectors around the world.”

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon, added: “This is another great example of how the biggest innovators are choosing Polygon’s fast, easy, economical, and accessible technology. It’s exciting to see transformative applications, like Showtime, empowering the world’s creators to develop and monetize their content through the rapidly growing NFT ecosystem.”

Later this year, Showtime will launch a range of marketplace features, allowing anyone to create NFTs from their email address, list NFTs at a fixed price, buy NFTs with USD and other fiat currencies, and sell NFTs on the Polygon network.


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