Kane Mayfield: From Struggling Rapper To NFT Rising Star

Kane Mayfield, a former financial advisor turned hip-hop artist who is a virtual newcomer to the NFT community with about five months in, has risen to become a leader in the space and managed to resurrect his music career along the way.  Kane’s jovial personality, quick wit, and comedic timing quickly made him a standout on the social audio app Clubhouse where he almost daily hosts rooms in his club called Neighborhood Jewelry, where he says,

The Neighborhood is the people and the information is the jewelry.

Kane uses this platform to have discussions about whatever might be trending in the NFT space as well as to onboard newcomers giving the same value he received on his quest to learn about NFTs and then some. 

Now, as a newly minted NFT aficionado, having gone through the process of learning about NFTs, learning about cryptocurrency, different types of wallets and platforms, how and where to mint NFTs, now to having success with NFT sales and gaining a whole new fanbase; Kane now imparts that knowledge to newcomers. 

If you’re new to NFTs and crypto, getting started can be daunting, intimidating, and even a little scary.  There is so much information to take in and so many choices, plus the industry moves so fast, a month could seem like a year.   Other than Bitcoin, there are different coins and blockchains to learn about including ethereum (ETH), Tezos, and Solana.  Then you have to know about the varying choices of platforms to mint NFTs like Hic et nunc, SuperRare, Kalamint, and OpenSea which this year experiences over $1 Billion in trading volume over last year’s $24, Million.  Some may ask, what is a blockchain and what does it mean to mint an NFT, anyway?   

Fortunately, Kane Mayfield and Neighborhood Jewelry have your back, and like Kane often likes to say in his room, “nobody has to pay for directions to the bathroom.”  However, Kane’s true superpower lies in his ability to break things down with simple bite-sized digestible analogies, making seemingly complicated things simple. Kane’s ability to metaphorically part the OpenSea (see what I did there) likens him to a sort of NFT Moses, onboarding newcomers, showing them the way to the promised land. 

Usually joined by a host of other people active in the NFT community including Natalie Crue, who I like to call,  “the GodDaughter of NFTs,” (simply because she is too young to be the mother) is someone extremely knowledgeable about the space as well as a connoisseur of all things metaverse and virtual events.  Also, often found on the panel of stage guest is LowSleazy (aka Blockchain Evangelist) NFT artist and Consultant who host the club Blockchain Gospel on Clubhouse, as well as other artists, developers, and collectors; what Kane Mayfield and Neighborhood Jewelry, his club on the social audio app Clubhouse provides is ease of access. 

Through a welcoming environment free from fear of asking a dumb question, people who join in to get educated or help to educate on the ever-evolving subject of NFTs can feel empowered and encouraged backed by passion and strength of community in the true sense of the word in a way that just feels good in a “kumbaya” kind of way.  Something that is often elusive in the real world but is somehow possible in magic moments on Clubhouse where everyone is equal and newcomers can feel they too have value to bring and can get involved with this new thing that will change the world called NFTs.  CultureTech interviewed Kane about his trek through the vast world of NFTs and what he learned along the way, for your viewing pleasure below…

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