SandStorm Multimedia NFT Metaverse is Live on The Sandbox

Earlier in November at NFT.NYC, the Sandbox’s largest weekly virtual event, SandStorm, announced its multimedia metaverse NFT platform will launch on mainnet December 1, 2021. The platform enables users, both newcomers and OG NFT veterans, to purchase NFTs in real-time while tuning in to weekly streams inside The Sandbox metaverse. SandStorm has partnered with The Sandbox to support builders, creators, and landowners.

Unlike the large marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible, which support art, trading cards, and many NFT categories, SandStorm will focus exclusively on metaverse NFTs. The platform makes it possible to move assets between The Sandbox and OpenSea, giving newcomers a seamless experience. Since Metaverse gaming is transaction heavy, early next year the SandStorm NFT platform will have an integration with the Polygon Network, a layer 2 Ethereum solution that saves users gas fees.

“Our mission is to onboard the next 100 million users into the Metaverse using a simplified NFT platform and community-driven approach. Reaching over 1 million people every month, SandStorm is on track to become the primary bridge for the $100+ Billion virtual event space and the $200+ Billion gaming industry within 5 years,” said Steve McGarry, CEO at SandStorm


Making History in the Metaverse

Each week, SandStorm hosts builders who create in The Sandbox Metaverse. Previous speakers include those from top projects like CyberKongz, Gutter Cat Gang, Animetas, Yield Guild Games and the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate.   Currently, the Sandbox is in Alpha, which means each week the SandStorm social hub must be customized and can only support 40 attendees per instance. SandStorm, MetaVenture and The Sandbox teams have worked closely together to make each of these historic events possible. When The Sandbox becomes open to the public it will be possible for users to jump into hundreds of diverse and unique experiences. SandStorm will aggregate top projects and provide essential education for new users as they learn to navigate the vast Sandbox map.

“The partnership with MetaVenture and SandStorm is igniting the entire Sandbox ecosystem,” said John Fields, CEO of GrowYourBase


Powerful Partnerships

Earlier this year, SandStorm partnered with MetaVenture, the development studio of GrowYourBase to build one-of-a-kind experiences, both inside and outside of the SandStorm social hub. Mr. McGarry and Mr. Fields started in the NFT space in early 2018 and have forged a powerful Metaverse partnership to achieve scale velocity. With dozens of speaker applications per week and by reaching over one million people each month, SandStorm is growing 200% month over month. This partnership between community and development studio is a formula for growing a massive brand in the metaverse.

“Big brands are entering the metaverse now and they all need creators and artists to build amazing experiences for them to showcase. This has empowered thousands of creators to make building in the metaverse their full-time job. Not only is this a revolution in asset ownership but it’s a game changer for creatives worldwide to be part of history. We’re excited to support creators everywhere.” Said on Stage at NFT NYC by Steve McGarry CEO, SandStorm

If you are an artist or builder creating NFTs in the metaverse or just want to learn more about SandStorm sign up to learn more about SandStorm on their discord:

Also check out the SandStorm Meetup below…

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