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Veteran Movie Producer Warrington Hudlin Launches A New Metaverse Platform and Partners With Deeper Tones Collective and The Black Metaverse to Host The Black Meta Fest 2022

Warrington Hudlin is the President of The Black Filmmaker Foundation and a veteran Movie Producer, who along with his brother Reginald Hudlin, known together as “The Hudlin Brothers” produced classic movies and fan favorites to include House Party, Boomerang, and Bebe’s Kids.   

Even after over 40 years in the movie business, somehow Warrington manages to stay ahead of the curve.  Therefore, it is not at all surprising that even before mainstream media caught up to the concept of The Metaverse, Warrington was already building it.  Warrington’s most recent offering is an immersive virtual platform called WeWatchTogether.US, which he built to serve as a place where creators of color could feel welcome and come to continue to build upon the legacy that he helped create.    

WeWatchTogether.US is a fully decked-out venue space that includes theaters, an exhibit hall with booths, a large upstairs balcony, and various areas throughout where guests can gather to collaborate, host virtual events, and have experiences that mirror real life. 

In recognition of Black History Month, CultureTech is paying homage to Warrington Hudlin and his legacy as well as his forward vision for the future by partnering with WeWatchTogether.US, The Black Metaverse, and Deeper Tones Collective to host Monday Meta Movie Night for Black Meta Fest 2022 (click for Eventbrite link).  Black Meta Fest 2022, which boasts itself as, “The Future of Black History,”  is a week-long series of virtual that will take place over 5 different Metaverse platforms and will explore NFTs, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, DAOs, and all things Web3 for creators of color. 

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The festival kicks off on Monday, February 21st, hosted by Warrington Hudlin and Friends on the WeWatchTogether.US platform.  The line-up for the evening includes a panel discussion on the future of film and television as we move into Web3 with special guest Ed Young;  Founder of NFT.HipHop and Co-Founder of The Source Magazine, Stefan Youngblood; Founder of The Black Metaverse, and others.  Plus it’s called Movie Night for a reason.  Guests will also be treated to a selection of specially curated short films with a brief Q&A session with the up-and-coming filmmakers LeRon Lee, Tari Wariebi, Ndosi Anyabwile, Onyi Udeh, and Willonius Hatcher.  As space is limited on the platform, overflow viewing will be hosted on and YouTube via live streaming.   Also, be sure to check out for the entire week of festivities for  

The Deeper Tones Collective created Black Meta Fest to address the needs of the Black community, who have historically been left out of the tech and financial ecosystem.  The mission is to explore opportunities for our future of the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain technology, DAOs, and cryptocurrency, as it relates to the creator economy and in particular creators-of-color in Web3.  The goal is to move forward toward the future, while simultaneously honoring and paying homage to our history and the legacy of those who came before us.  Additionally, the vision is to eradicate the barrier of entry by making this a free, open event and a safe space for Black professionals and enthusiasts who want to learn about the Web3 movement, and what all the fuss is about, says Adorable Jasmin of Deeper Tones Collective.

Reflecting on the importance of the Black Meta Fest 2022 and how it all came together, Stefan Youngblood, of The Black Metaverse comments, “As the first all-Black Metaverse Conference during any Black History Month, Black Meta Fest 2022 sets the bar for a new world of possibilities.  The Black Metaverse is more than pleased to partner with Deeper Tones Collective to combine Web3, NFTs, Blockchain, and more into a powerful and robust taste of what is “Beyond” in Black History.” 

As for Warrington Hudlin, he says he is super excited to host the first day of the Black Meta Fest and is so pleased that his vision is coming together for its intended purpose.  That purpose being the ability to enable people to connect with each other and organizations that support the appreciation of film, television, and online media created by people of color, as well as to create an alliance of artists and audiences to build a viable self-supporting and self-validating community.  CultuteTech had the opportunity to catch up with Warrington to discuss why he wanted his new project and passion.  Check out the video below… 

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